Track Team

  • For grade four to six  - boys and girls
  • Practices take place in the mornings before school.
  • Members attend meets such as the Harriers, Golden Bear Invitational, Journal Indoor Games and the Sherwood Park Invitational Relays.

Running Club

  • For grades three and four students
  • Practices take place at noon hour.
  • In April, members attend the Klondike Relays as a culmination event.


  • These activities take place during lunch hours throughout January and February.
  • Available to students in grades four to six
  • House-league teams play Volleyball, Kings Court and Basketball to earn points for their intramural houses.

French Club

  • In January and February, grade five and six students have the opportunity to meet once a week during lunch hour to immerse themselves in French conversation and culture. 

Art Club

  • The Art Club is organized for Grade 5 and 6 students to pursue and refine their interest in art. They work on individual or group projects under the supervision of teaching staff who also share a love for art.  These activities take place during lunch hours in January and February.

Chess Club

  • Throughout January and February, during lunch hour, students in the Chess Club meet weekly to challange and learn from classmates.

Puzzles and Games Club

  • During lunch hours in January and February, students of all grades may join the Puzzles and Games Cub which meets in the Library.

Take Apart & Construction Club

  • During Janaury and  February, grade one, two and three students are invited to take apart old telephones, computer keyboards, printers and similar items that are donated to the club, or creatively build 'stuff' with our Duplo and Lego kits.

Story Time

  • Throughout January and February, the grade one, two and three students may stay in one lunch hour a week to listen to stories read to them by staff members.

Division II (Grades 4 - 6) Choir

Students in grades 4 to 6 may participate in a Division II choir during the months of January, February, March and April.  Interested students may attend during lunch recess on Thursdays.